Most Female Professionals are great at getting results, but struggle to find work they love after school.

Even though they may have had the training to get jobs relevant to their degrees or certifications, most haven’t had the training they need to succeed in designing a satisfying career.

Once they learn the essential keys to defining career success, positioning themselves to leverage their strengths and understand how to pick jobs that will build a fulfilling career, it becomes easy to get the job that is fun to do and makes a meaningful impact, while also providing the income they want now and in the future.
Participants will be provided with a workbook and the time together will be interactive and engaging to promote new awareness and insights as well as individualized action steps to take the strategies into their daily lives.
Level Up Your Work: The 6 Principles to Building a Career that You Love
• The Blueprint to Follow to Turn Your Interests and Skills into Your Work Every Single Day 
• How to Make a Plan to Improve Your Work Situation that Actually Sticks!
• 3 Secrets for Feeling Confident About What Steps to Take When Looking for Work
Getting the Raise: Why Negotiating Matters and How to Succeed
In this presentation your audience will overcome the mistake of only focusing on resumes and interviews. 
When they do this they are missing out on tons of learning opportunities and valuable results!
• How to Build Personal Success in and outside of work – Incorporating Mindfulness and Visioning
• 5 Steps to Talking About What You Do so Potential Employers are Compelled to Hire You
• The 3 Keys to Negotiating Your Worth without SettlingSmall Call to Action Headline
The 5 Steps to Becoming a Freelancer
This workshop takes you through the first 5 things that need to happen in order to get started on your journey as a freelancer.
• Build an Escape Plan from Your 9-5
• Choose whether Freelancing or becoming an Online Entrepreneur is the Best Route
• How to Manage Your Money Situation as You Transition
• Knowing the Reason Why You Want this Lifestyle, Your Personal Mission Statement
What Participants Say About Kalyna
“It really helped me confirm that I don’t need to make a decision based on others’ opinions.”

“This was helpful because I got to share my thoughts with others, you motivated us to do what we want and you assured us that everything will be okay!”

“I appreciated being heard and treated as a woman rather than a girl.”

“It calmed me down, was relatable, and realistic for females starting out their careers.”

“Loved how you shared personal stories with us.”

“Staying positive, figuring out what I need to do and what I’m uncertain about were the most valuable parts of this!”

“I valued how open you were. You’re actually so cool, like my idol.”

“Informal style and freedom”

“I realized yes I am unsure, but this helped me recognize that I am capable and things will get figured out eventually.”

“Casual Chill Vibes”

“I liked the questions posed in the booklet and the progression of them.”

“Enjoyed having a flexible and comfortable environment with being able to talk openly and realizing what I need and sorting through my thoughts.””

“It’s nice to know other women are going through similar things.”

“Informal style, hearing about your life, colouring and the resources at the back of the package”

“It’s actually helpful to reflect on your life.”

“How approachable you are; I felt very comfortable with you from the start and that’s something I try to achieve but it’s hard.”

“How honest you were about your failures and made life seem alright”

“Starting to listen to myself and the emotional journey I’m on”

“The booklet! I liked that you allowed us to discuss freely and took a guided discussion approach.”

“Loved the fact that it was original in the sense that it got me to think about what I want to change in my life and how to actually do it.”

“Being able to talk to friends about these topics was beneficial because we rarely talk openly about how to improve our work situation, we usually just complain!”

“Now I feel I have the tools I need to make a change.”

“How real you were the whole time and how you got us to think about what’s scary.”

“You seemed like you genuinely cared and were interested in our experience.”

“Physically writing everything helped visually and made it applicable.”

“It’s motivating!!!”

“Being able to think about what I really want and need.”

“It made me reflect upon my life and how I want to live it.”

“My friends would find this encouragement helpful!”

“I now know I deserve more than a 9-5 and pension. Thank YOU KALYNA!!!”
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