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Discover The 6 Principles to Building a Career that You Love & Why Negotiating Matters and How to Succeed.
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“Thank you for running such a great workshop!! I loved it!! I’ll definitely share share it with friends. I loved the structure you created with the strategies you shared. It really resonated with me. I’ve been thinking about a lot about my work vibes and I have been putting off working on what I really want to do, so thank you for the kick in the butt to go do it!”
“ I honestly had the thought of working for myself for a very long time. 
Fear always kept me in place. Stagnant. 

And then my current employer told us all that we may be closing the doors. 
I came home and cried and just thought...Not again.  

So I started researching ways to work from home. 

One day I ran across Kalyna and started researching. I finally got the nerve to schedule a call.

Kalyna was direct, matter of fact and did not try to "fluff" her program. It was "what do you want, what do you need" and BOOM.

I was (finally) brave enough to create my profile on Upwork and put my face fully forward. 

And my profile was approved on my very first try! 

That is my work and Kalyna's guidance in action!

I also landed a Lunch and Learn and am getting paid $1000 for an hour's work!!

Kalyna dear, we've never met face to face but this was fated and I am so thankful every day that I took the plunge."

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What Some Clients Have Said About Coaching with Kalyna:

“It was actually a really great experience. At first I was so nervous to talk but I just went for it. I learned a lot and took a lot of notes. Thank you so much again! You were awesome. I stepped out of my comfort zone and shared my issues with total strangers and loved it! There was such a great connection between everyone involved, it was nice knowing there are others with the same issues and I’m not alone.”
– M.B.

“Thank you so much for extending an invitation my way! I invited a friend to the next one and I know he’ll be in good hands. I loved your concepts and gained some new ways of thinking!”
– J.F.

“It was great! It made me realize some things. Mainly that when I put my goals into action and stop having the fear that it won’t work out, everything else starts to come together in reality.”
– V.M.

About Me
About Me
Kalyna Miletic’s life philosophy is centred on the principle of taking imperfect action now, and with this she empowers women to build lifestyle careers by creating thoughtful game plans and taking bold and courageous steps, with a tribe supporting them along the way!

Having coached over 1,000 client hours with clients in 17 different countries around the world, Kalyna makes career building simple and achievable. She works exclusively with women who are ready to “stop settling and start living their career dreams”. 

She lives her dream lifestyle traveling the globe while devoting her life to building an international tribe of women building lifestyle careers they are proud of!
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