1:1 Private Coaching with Kalyna
kalyna miletic career coach transformational leader speaker
kalyna miletic career coach transformational leader speaker
 Are you ready to have that 1:1 support building a career that you enjoy? 

Is it time to get an expert’s eyes on your business?

 Ready for the constant support that you know you need to finally kick ass in your digital business?

Check out Kalyna's Coaching Programs Below:
Career Changer:

Work with Kalyna for 6 Months to Get Your Career Transition into Motion:

Are you done struggling with a career you dislike?

You KNOW you can have the success that other leaders seem to be having, but the hours you’re spending trying to move forward (but STUCK in terms of next steps) aren’t paying off with more enjoyment, time or impact.

I’ve designed this program specifically for the professional who desires to be:

A genuine and masterful expert in their field who is valued for their work

An impactful leader in their work, creating meaningful change through their efforts

An abundant, free-living, leader, who travels, dines, adventures, creates a meaningful impact & enjoys supporting others to grow
Digital Leader Accelerator:

Work with Kalyna for One Year to Build the Digital Leadership You Desire:

Figuring out how to build your team to function fully remotely, free up more of your time, and make delegation effective
while still empowering your people.

The Digital Leadership Accelerator is an exclusive coaching + mentorship program for leaders ready to claim their expertise and design their own impact!

This high level coaching program has been designed specifically for leaders who:

- Are ready to switch out of the individual contributor role and are ready to invest in yearlong support to 10x their impact

Desire more free time and know it’s time to build up their team members for success

- Are feeling passionate about leveraging their expertise to build an impact that is meaningful and changes lives
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